Plaidoyer | Développement et Paix


Backgrounder - Recovering together

The backgrounder for our Fall campaign points out the additional challenges being imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic on communities in the Global South as well as on Development and Peace’s partners. It also includes a call to action and mobilization.

Fiche thématique – Se rétablir ensemble

La fiche thématique de notre campagne d’automne présente les défis additionnels que la pandémie de COVID-19 impose aux communautés des pays du Sud ainsi qu’aux partenaires de Développement et Paix. Elle inclut également un appel à l’action et à la mobilisation.

Campaign Analysis package 2019-20

In this project, students analyse our 2019-20 theme by studying three of our annual campaign tools. This gets students familiar with ecological conversion and the work required to protect the Amazon biome. Assign all three parts, or just one or two!