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Don't Miss A New Leaf!

8 mars 2013
Kelly Di Domenico, Communications Officer
Image from the new documentary A New Leaf

Last week, Development and Peace sponsored a series of premieres of the new Salt and Light documentary A New Leaf, which features the response of Development and Peace to the food crisis in the Sahel region of West Africa, in five Canadian cities across the country.

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Back to Blama, Sierra Leone

20 juin 2012
Trevor Cook, Program Officer for Africa

I first visited Blama in November, 1989.  It was my first trip as a program officer for Development and Peace.  After visiting the Pastoral and Social Center, where Development and Peace was funding an impressive leadership training programme called D.E.P.

Development and Peace and its Church partners are mobilizing to prevent a crisis in West Africa

30 mai 2012
Josianne Gauthier, Deputy Executive Director

Since the month of May, we at Development and Peace have joined our voice with those of our sister agencies within the Caritas Internationalis confederation to sound the alarm on the situation in West Africa.

Today, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) announced their full support for this campaign, by appealing to all Canadian Catholics to show solidarity with the communities threatened by a major food crisis in the coming months.

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