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Our THINKfast offerings have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite you to sign up for our national, online THINKfast on 11-12 March, 2021! Unfortunately we are unable to process t-shirt orders at this time, as our Ontario storage facility is currently inaccessible. We look forward to resuming t-shirt shipments once we are permitted to reopen!
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THINKfast is an interactive learning experience designed for youth. You can choose from a collection of activities and reflections that will help you and your group experience the challenges of poverty and injustice in concrete ways.

By participating in this 25-hour educational and fundraising fast you stand in solidarity with those in the Global South who need our support, both through financial support to projects they are leading, and through a greater understanding of the structures that perpetuate poverty and injustice. In one day, you take a stand against oppression and directly support programs in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East that bring about peace, justice, and development.

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Organizer Toolkit
THINKfast Organizer Toolkit

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Sample schedules: Forced Migration

Get inspired by our 12- or 25-hour sample schedules: incorporate THINKfast into your school day or make it a sleepover!

Activities Database

Structure your THINKfast with our experiential learning activities, prayers and reflections.

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