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Celebrating a centenarian’s service

July 5, 2021
Richard Rudashama, animator, Western Quebec

A Quebec parish paid homage to a beloved priest whose 100 years belie his youthful zeal for the Development and Peace cause.

Reflections on the ongoing protests in Colombia

May 26, 2021
Alexi Utrera, Development and Peace member and freelance journalist

A Development and Peace youth member shares her thoughts on the anguish, activism and aspirations of the people of her homeland.

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Increasing official development assistance: a first step to paying our debt

Development and Peace joins civil society organizations in calling wealthier nations’ governments to step up development aid contributions in the pandemic time.


An open letter from Development and Peace

Development and Peace clarifies and reaffirms its mission, its fundamentally Catholic principles and its commitment to helping the world's most marginalized communities secure social justice.


THINKfast 2021: faith, fasting and fun

April 1, 2021
Selina Hunt, Youth Programs Officer

Over 500 students, educators and members participated in our 2nd National Online THINKfast, raising over $16,000 to support our partners’ work in the Global South.

Catholic leaders concerned over the corporate responsibility of Canadian companies

The existing system hurts people and the planet and we are called to do better, 200+ church elders warn world governments.


Weekly reflection for March 14, fourth Sunday of Lent: How do we choose to love?

March 14, 2021
Genevieve Gallant, director, public engagement

During Lent, we ask our friends and family, our fellow parishioners and our non-Catholic neighbors to donate. We do this because this is how we love the world….

Weekly reflection for March 21, Solidarity Sunday (fifth Sunday of Lent): Advocacy, a need of justice

March 21, 2021
Sister Mariángel Marco Teja, Congregation of the Ursulines of Jesus

The incarnation and life of Jesus show us that knowledge of God passes through the practice of justice.

Lenten weekly reflection for March 7, third Sunday of Lent: Can we cleanse the Temple once again?

March 7, 2021
Andrea Dsouza, youth member of Development and Peace

Even as we grieve, we, the young people of the world, are calling for systems to change. We are learning to centre the voices of those most affected by climate change….

Weekly reflection for February 28, second Sunday of Lent: Long-term community development

February 28, 2021
Jeremy Laurie, animator for British Columbia and the Yukon

Today’s Gospel reading can serve as a reminder that even Jesus himself, whose transfiguration left Peter, James and John stunned, chose a long-term approach to his mission.