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Spreading solidarity

Create your own online fundraising page. It’s fast and easy!

Consider creating a fundraising page to celebrate a birthday, to mark an anniversary, to be creative or to simply take on a challenge.

Share your page with friends and loved ones. They can make a secure donation and immediately get a tax receipt for all donations over $10.





Updating your fundraising page

To make any changes to your fundraising page, you must first log in into your account.


Once logged into your account, scroll down on the same page until you see a table like the one illustrated below.

Click the View page link to edit your fundraising page.

In it, click on Edit your page to make changes. Click on Tell friends to send email invitations to donate. You can also copy the URL for this page and share it on your social media networks.

When you are done editing your page, do not forget to click the SAVE button.


On a shared computer, make sure you log into the website with the email address that you used to create your fundraising page.

For additional help creating your page , consult the “Frequently asked questions” or contact us at fundraisingpage@devp.org



Frequently asked questions

After clicking the ‘Create a fundraising page’ button, click on ‘please log in’ instead of filling in the fields. Enter your email address and password. You can then set up your fundraising page by filling in the fields.

To access a fundraising page that you have already created, refer to the email that you received when you first created it. Its subject line reads, “Thank you for registering for Spreading Solidarity.” This email contains important instructions for logging into and sharing your page and other useful tips. Save it and keep it handy for easy reference.

After logging into your account, you will have access to your Dashboard. Scroll down until you see a table containing a list of your fundraising page(s). To access a fundraising page, click the red ‘View page’ link that appears next to its listing.

If your page is ‘Active’, it will appear in the ‘Spreading Solidarity – page list’. Use the search function to find your page.

Yes, you can edit your page at any time. Once you are on your fundraising page (see question 2), click the ‘Edit your page’ link in the yellow dashboard.

You can change the content and appearance of your page in several ways. You can alter descriptive text, change the picture and show or hide your financial objective “thermometer” and the honor roll of donors.

For a page to appear in the list of fundraising pages, it must be activated. Once you are in your fundraising page (see question 2), click the ‘Edit your page’ link in the yellow dashboard and check the ‘Active’ option at the bottom of the page. You can activate and deactivate your fundraising page at any time by checking or unchecking this option.

When you are logged into your fundraising page (see question 2), you will find the unique link to it in the yellow dashboard where it says, ‘To promote your page, use the following address’. The link was also emailed to you when you created your page. Share the link by email, on social media or by text message to promote your page and ask for donations.

Your page is identified by the four digits at the end of the link: devp.org/fundraisingpage/1234.

In the yellow dashboard in in your fundraising page, you will also find a ‘Tell friends’ link. Click it to auto-generate a customizable message that you can send by email.

If you have forgotten your password, upon logging in, click the ‘Request new password’ tab. Instructions for resetting your password will be sent to the email address that you used when you created your account (it is therefore important that you remember this email address).

If you have forgotten your password AND the email address used to log into your account, send your username by email to fundraisingpage@devp.org, and we will send you your credentials.

Yes, you can. Log in and click the Dashboard menu button in the right upper corner of your page. Select the ‘View donations received’ item from the dropdown menu that appears. This will show you who donated to your page and allow you to manually enter any cash or cheque donations you receive.  

To receive email notifications of donations, check the ‘Notify me via email when someone donates to my page’ checkbox in the ‘Edit your page’ options (see questions 3).

Tip: Thanking donors early and warmly is a good idea.

Yes, you can. Log into your account and click the ‘Dashboard’ button in the upper right corner of your page. Select ‘View donations received’ from the dropdown menu. Under ‘Cash and cheque donations’, click on ‘Input a new cash or cheque donation.

Note: Donors who give $10 or more by cheque or cash are entitle to a tax receipt. See question 9 for instruction on how to have a receipt sent to them.

Log into your account and click the ‘Dashboard’ button in the upper right corner of your page. Select ‘Print cash/cheque donations’ from the dropdown menu.

People who donate $10 or more by cash/cheque are entitle to a tax receipt. To send them one, Development and Peace will need their full name, mailing address and donation amount.

Donation cheques should be made payable to Development and Peace. For cash donations (or cheques made out to you), please send a cheque or money order payable to Development and Peace for the total amount received along with the list of your donors names, addresses and donation amounts to:

Spreading solidarity

Development and Peace — Caritas Canada

1425, René-Lévesque Blvd West, 3rd floor

Montreal, Quebec H3G 1T7

Yes, you can create more than one fundraising page, as an individual or a team. You can even use the same email address to create as many pages as you want to. All your pages will appear in the table of your Dashboard when you are logged into your account.

If you have created a page by mistake or if you are done with fundraising for a page, you can simply deactivate. When you are in your fundraising page (see question 2), click on ‘Edit your page’ in the yellow dashboard and uncheck the ‘Active’ option at the bottom of the page. Only you can access a deactivated page. It disappears from public view.

If you are sure you want to delete a page, contact us at fundraisingpage@devp.org.

Note: Only pages that have not received any donation can be deleted.