2021 Campaign Resources | Development and Peace

2021 Campaign Resources

  • Parish bulletin announcements

    These weekly messages have been written for your parish to publish, at your request, in its virtual or paper parish bulletins to promote the Share Lent campaign. You can adapt them according to your needs.

  • Social media and web promotion toolkit
    Promo kit

    This document includes sample social media posts promoting the campaign as well as resources for websites that you can use yourself or share with friends, family and fellow parishioners.

  • Slide - How to give
    Slide - How to give

    During masses (whether broadcast or in-person), this slide can be presented by to instruct congregants in your parish on how to donate to the Share Lent campaign.

  • E-mail banner
    E-mail banner

    Include this banner in your email signatures to promote the campaign every time you send a message!

  • Print banner
    Print banner

    If you have to print campaign-related documents, insert this header at the top of each page.

  • Facebook banner
    FB Banner

    Change your Facebook cover picture to our campaign banner and promote the campaign on social media!

  • Twitter banner
    Twitter banner

    Use this image to promote the campaign on your Twitter page. More versions of this banner are available through our social media kit.

  • Facebook or Instagram post image
    FB Insta post image

    Add this image to a post promoting the campaign on Facebook or Instagram. More versions of this image are available through our social media kit.