Raising funds this Lent | Development and Peace

Raising funds this Lent

Despite restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are several ways you can raise funds for Development and Peace — Caritas Canada over the Lenten season.

Organize the campaign in your parish

If it is a possibility in your parish, we have several tools for promoting the campaign on our resources page: a poster, a campaign guide, pre-written messages for your parish bulletin and more!

Launch your own fundraising page

Creating a personal fundraising page through our Spreading Solidarity platform is an excellent option to consider if you cannot attend mass and solicit parishioners in person. It's simple and easy!

  • Tip: To make your page more appealing, why not associate it with an event happening during Lent or with a personal Lenten challenge? Consult our ideas document to boost your fundraising!
  • Hesitating to solicit friends and family? It's not easy to ask for money, but with a few tips and practice, you can master the art! Read our How to ask for a donation document to learn how to solicit donations gently, tactfully and effectively.

Join our national virtual THINKfast

THINKfast is an awareness and fundraising activity organized as a 25-hour fast. Traditionally held in person in Canadian Catholic schools, THINKfast has been transformed in this pandemic time into a national intergenerational virtual event! It will start at 3:00 pm Eastern time on March 11.

Interested in participating? Sign up here and create your THINKfast fundraising page at the same time, so that your friends and family can support your fasting initiative.

Start a solidarity chain letter

Prefer communicating in a more traditional way? We invite you to write letters or emails to ask for donations. Start with our preformatted letter templates and personalize your message. Grab your pen and paper (or mouse and keyboard) and let’s go!