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Yusuf Peter Agoyon

Yusuf Peter

“SERAC has been doing a lot to help the community. Before, we didn’t know that we had the right to be involved in decisions affecting us. Thanks to SERAC’s trainings, we now know our rights and can approach the government. Through dialogue, my community has been able to make the government understand the reasons why we cannot leave our community, as it holds our history, culture and heritage. Dialogue means a lot, and when the government accepts to dialogue with its people, a lot can be achieved.

What the donors are doing with SERAC to help our community is fantastic! Thank you, Development and Peace!”


Yusuf is High Chief of the Makoko/Iwawa waterfront community. His community sought SERAC’s support in 2012, when the government threatened to demolish their homes.

The Social and Economic Rights Action Centre’s work

SERAC is a long-time Development and Peace partner that works with the victims of forced evictions to help them resist this violation of their rights peacefully through dialogue.
In Lagos State, forced evictions are commonplace. SERAC is currently implementing a civic education and citizen engagement project where community leaders are trained in popular education methods, so they can provide threatened communities with the knowledge and tools they need to engage in effective dialogue with the government.

In 2017, in Lagos State

30,000 people

were forcibly evicted.

11 people

were killed in violent evictions.

17 people

went missing due to evictions.

300,000 people

live daily under the threat of forced eviction.

Source: Amnesty International