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Thuong Kusal

Thuong Kusal

“I wish to see Indigenous communities have land and forest security, the conservation of their identities, as well as inclusive development, poverty reduction and access to education for the younger generations. I would like to deeply thank Development and Peace for supporting our communities in achieving this.”


Thuong lives in Ratanakiri province in Northeast of Cambodia, and is a member of the Tumpuon Indigenous community. She is a project field officer with the Indigenous Community Support Organization (ICSO).

Indigenous Community Support Organization’s work - ICSO

ICSO works with the country’s minority Indigenous communities. Through ICSO’s land title program for communal land, which is supported by Development and Peace, Indigenous communities learn how to have their rights recognized by the government, defend their land from corporate interests, and develop economic activities that allow them to live in dignity.

Did you know that:

17 the number

of identified Indigenous peoples in Cambodia.

2/3 live

in the northeast provinces of Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri.

2001 the year

the Cambodian Land Act granted collective land ownership rights to Indigenous communities.