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Edy Ramos Ludeña

Edy Ramos Ludeña

“I see dialogue as a process for strengthening organizations. Dialogue generates consensus and trust. Sincere and transparent dialogue is necessary to achieve true reconciliation. It brings us together and fosters community life.”


Edy is a graduate of the Hugo Echegaray Leadership School. He now works as a social communicator and graphic journalist for the newspaper El Peruano. From time to time, he gives filmmaking and political advocacy classes at the Leadership School.

The Bartolomé de Las Casas Institute’s (IBC) work

The IBC is renowned for its training of Christian activists and for placing poor people at the centre of all human liberation and development projects. Its Hugo Echegaray Leadership School seeks to increase the participation of leaders in social and religious spaces and to promote initiatives that contribute to the common good.

It offers a two-year course aimed at community leaders in order to strengthen their capacity to create dialogue, consensus, participation, and consultation. It focuses on popular education, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, as well as the exchange of knowledge and the sharing of local experiences. Graduates can then practice thoughtful, ethical, and responsible civic leadership in their communities.

The Hugo Echegaray School

80 leaders

trained each year.

15,000 people

benefit indirectly from the school by learning from its graduates.