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Benjamin Ayooluwa Ogunyemi

Benjamin Ayooluwa

“Dialogue is the best way to achieve understanding, which paves the way to peace. There can be no peace without understanding. There can be no understanding without dialogue. Problems arise when you are told what to do without your opinion being taken into account. This is how the government treats us. But SERAC has taught us how to resist this kind of situation. In my community, dialogue helps us solve problems and keep the peace.”


“SERAC is our hope, their help gives us strength. I would like to say thank you to Development and Peace. By helping us become stronger, they improve our ability to build peace.”


Benjamin’s family was forcibly evicted in 2008. Despite holding the title deed his house, it was demolished without notice to make way for an upscale residential project called Eko Atlantic City sanctioned by the government. Following the demolition and thanks to the training he received from SERAC, Benjamin became a community leader who can educate other families so that they can defend themselves in cases of forced eviction. He is now President of the Lagos Marginalized Communities Forum (LAMCOFOR), which is supported by SERAC.

The Social and Economic Rights Action Centre’s work

SERAC is a long-time Development and Peace partner that works with the victims of forced evictions to help them resist this violation of their rights peacefully through dialogue.
In Lagos State, forced evictions are commonplace. SERAC is currently implementing a civic education and citizen engagement project where community leaders are trained in popular education methods, so they can provide threatened communities with the knowledge and tools they need to engage in effective dialogue with the government.

In 2017, in Lagos State

30,000 people

were forcibly evicted.

11 people

were killed in violent evictions.

17 people

went missing due to evictions.

300,000 people

live daily under the threat of forced eviction.

Source: Amnesty International