Desiree Nelson | Development and Peace

Desiree Nelson

I was introduced to Development and Peace at St. Thomas More College. I was interested in helping others, especially those on the margins, and through the STM Just Youth group I learned that there were others whose heart was in the same place: on the side of social justice.

I loved that Development and Peace was working for long-term and sustainable practices, while not neglecting the needs for immediate emergency relief. It was vital to me that Development and Peace was working at a grassroots level with the people. Not only do I feel like I have been able to invest myself in an organization that makes a difference, but I also know that I have been given an education through Development and Peace that has informed my worldview and also informed those around me. It’s a wonderful organization!

My passion for Development and Peace has been concentrated on the Share Lent campaign, with a particular focus on the monthly donor program Share Year-Round, which I actively promote. While in university and on a limited income, I started by giving $5 a month, and each year since then, I have increased my donation by $1 per year. I am now donating $13 per month. The money is taken directly from my bank account and I don’t even notice it - but they do! It makes a big difference for Development and Peace’s partners in the Global South.


What does peace mean to you?

Peace feels like a word that should be easily defined, yet is complex to achieve. I view peace as neutrality. Peace as neutrality offers a place where we can authentically be ourselves, free from conflict, co-existing despite differences, and building communities and bridges together. Where peace exists, so does understanding, love, joy, and growth, on a personal level, as well as in a broader sphere with a larger impact.