Daniel Amegadze | Development and Peace

Daniel Amegadze

Originally from Togo, I came to Canada in 2007 to continue my studies. As soon as I arrived, I felt the importance of getting involved in my host community by volunteering with several organizations. That's how I discovered Development and Peace. The mission of this organization particularly touched me since I share in its values. Through my involvement in Development and Peace, I’ve come to better understand the nature of social injustice and realized that it affects not only Togo, but also many millions of people throughout the world.

I’m also involved with a multicultural association that welcomes newcomers and facilitates their integration into my community. This association allows newcomers to come together as one family and share their differences and celebrate together their belonging to their new society. It helps to create a community of solidarity and openness to cultural diversity, a place where people live in peace and harmony.


What does peace mean to you?

Peace is living in harmony. It's living together regardless of our differences. It’s showing solidarity with one another. Peace is a value of great importance within a society. It’s the absence of everything that makes humans unhappy, including conflict, famine, disasters, and political tensions.