Paul and Eva-Mae Bourque | Development and Peace

Paul and Eva-Mae Bourque

Paul’s friend Father William Smith, who worked at Development and Peace as a project officer for Latin America, introduced us to the organization. As lay Christians, we felt that we had a duty to act, in Canada and elsewhere, through dialogue and engagement.

So, in 1990, we decided to participate in a mission organized by Development and Peace in three Latin American countries: Ecuador, Chile and Peru. This experience put us in touch with realities that were previously unknown to us or that we did not know well. It made us realize the importance of educating the Canadian public about the realities of the Global South.

That is how we decided to present Development and Peace’s campaigns in parishes in our region. Through the fall education campaigns, we encourage people to take responsibility for issues that are rarely discussed. A number of barriers have fallen, but education must continue unabated, each and every day.


What does peace mean to you?

Peace begins with each one of us, through dialogue with our loved ones. Good communication leads to heartfelt communion.