Ana Meckelborg | Development and Peace

Ana Meckelborg

Development and Peace was very much on the scene at the elementary school I attended, but it was only when I started my university studies that I decided to become actively involved in this organization. I love getting to work with students who find their meaning in social justice and who are excited by the work of Development and Peace. Being connected to a larger organization also allows myself and other students to increase our impact, because we can use campaign materials and outlines provided by Development and Peace, and add our voices to those of people from around Canada instead of just acting on our own. It’s great to be connected to a whole community of people.

Myself and a few other students prepared a talk on women and peacebuilding. Afterwards, we played an Indigenous knowledge game that brought together Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. The event was one step of many to foster understanding and empathy between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.


What does peace mean to you?

Obviously, the quote from Pope Paul VI comes to mind – “If you want peace, work for justice.” To me, peace means an active decision to develop friendships with those we deem most different from ourselves. Peace is the decision to open myself up to others when it’s difficult, instead of building barriers out of fear.