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Share Lent 2018

Together for Peace

Once again, it’s Lent! During this sacred time of year, Development and Peace - Caritas Canada invites you to take part in our new Share Lent campaign Together for Peace.

This campaign calls on us to reflect on the profound meaning of peace by discovering the importance of dialogue as a means for reconciliation and for the construction of peace.

Together, let us continue to believe that peace, human dignity and justice can triumph.


Thanks to you, Development and Peace’s partners are building a world of peace and justice. This Lent, please give generously.



Partners Testimonials

Through the testimonies of our partners, discover how your help contributes to building a world of peace and justice.


“I have witnessed how effective open dialogue can truly be. It provides Indigenous peoples with the voice they need to express their concerns and to defend their rights when corporations occupy their land. It provides a platform for negotiation and most importantly it allows for cooperation and discussion of the issues in a peaceful manner.”


“I wish to see Indigenous communities have land and forest security, the conservation of their identities, as well as inclusive development, poverty reduction and access to education for the younger generations. I would like to deeply thank Development and Peace for supporting our communities in achieving this.”


“I see dialogue as a process for strengthening organizations. Dialogue generates consensus and trust. Sincere and transparent dialogue is necessary to achieve true reconciliation. It brings us together and fosters community life.”

Lidia Rojas - Instituto Bartolomé de Las Casas

“In Peru, many social conflicts stem from a lack of dialogue between citizens and the state. This has often caused deaths, which in turn reinforces mistrust of the country’s representatives. Through dialogue, citizens formulate their demands and opinions on the use of the resources and services provided by the state. The Hugo Echegaray School teaches us to value and promote spaces for dialogue and listening.”


“SERAC has been doing a lot to help the community. Before, we didn’t know that we had the right to be involved in decisions affecting us. Thanks to SERAC’s trainings, we now know our rights and can approach the government."


“SERAC’s trainings empower urban poor communities and people who are affected by the policies and actions of our leaders. SERAC aims to ensure that they have the tools to make their voices heard and make sure that they can speak up for themselves, and demand accountability and good governance from their leaders.”


“Dialogue is the best way to achieve understanding, which paves the way to peace. There can be no peace without understanding. There can be no understanding without dialogue. Problems arise when you are told what to do without your opinion being taken into account. ”


“Dialogue is a way to build ties and trust between myself and another, and to better understand and accept one another. I am responsible for sharing my ideas and receiving the ideas of others. The link between dialogue and peace is essential.”


“At Adyan, we promote spiritual solidarity, which is not only being in political or social solidarity with another, but also means integrating the other into my thoughts and my prayers. I must integrate the suffering of others, and understand it. I must integrate the other into my religious thoughts and into the way I explain my faith.”

2018 Solidarity Calendar

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The work of Development and Peace’s partners for peace and justice would be impossible without the support of our members from across the country. We’re delighted to introduce you to some of our committed members working for peace in their communities.

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