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Women at the
Heart of Change

For Lent 2017, Development and Peace – Caritas Canada has chosen to put women at the forefront to highlight the very special importance and role they have in every aspect of development, whether it be social, environmental or economic.

This Lent, act in solidarity with and walk alongside the women and men who advocate for an equal and inclusive society, one in which women can participate hand-in-hand with men in building the world of tomorrow.


Open your heart to women who are building tomorrow’s world. Be at the heart of change.



Women of Action

Discover our partners and their programs through testimonials from participants. This year, we are presenting strong and inspiring women from all over the world.


"Decidamos’ work is important because they offer training courses we can use to defend our rights. I wish that there was land for everyone, that women were free, that they had the freedom to organize and defend their rights, that they can continue to struggle and that they never get tired, for their own good and for the good of all the women of the world."


"AMUCAP is very important for the women in our community. It is through this organization that we get to know one other, exchange ideas, collaborate in preparing daily meals for our families and learn techniques for organic farming and marketing our crops. Farming in the countryside is impossible without the labour of women!"


"Thanks to RCK radio and our core group, our lives have changed in many ways. We are aware of our rights and rape is no longer a secret. When a girl is raped, we go straight to the police and we ask for justice. The RCK radio station helps us a lot. Thank you, because I have seen how this is truly working for change."


"Today, I write about the issues of discrimination faced by people with disabilities, especially women. Women who don’t believe in their power and potential, when they read my writing, they will become motivated because they will see that women can do anything! "


"I find that education is the most powerful weapon a woman can acquire, especially in these circumstances of war. At the Darna Centre, I got back my self-confidence. The staff help women gain confidence in themselves and make them aware of their rights."


"Through the training course, I personally evolved a lot as a person. I am no longer Hannan the shy, but Hannan the responsible woman who provides for her family. I have more confidence in myself. Even my husband looks at me differently. I did not imagine that one day in my life I would be in that place! Today, I dream of teaching sewing and running a learning centre."


"This is the first time since my husband’s death that I feel like I am a productive woman who participates in society. I have a good salary, and it is the fruit of my own efforts; I am not indebted to anyone."


"I am interested in citizen journalism. Having participated in AJI’s training, I’m able to broaden my horizon on citizen journalism, and at the same time, learn about the fundamentals of journalism. During AJI’s trainings, I wrote several articles because I think there are some things that need to be shared, for example, on the law or women’s rights."

Inspiring WOMEN who are part of our history

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This Lent, Development and Peace will be joining its voice to that of Pope Francis, who in his video message of May 3rd, 2016, invited us to pray with him "that in all countries of the world, women may be honoured, respected and valued for their essential contribution to society."

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