Latin America : Knowledge and Practices of Local Power | Development and Peace

Latin America : Knowledge and Practices of Local Power

In the context of a process of systematization of experiences between 2013 and 2014, Latin American partners of Development and Peace dialogued on Poder local (local power), territory and struggles that motivate communities within a perspective of Buen Vivir (living well).

Their testimonies were collected in this 19 minutes video where you will meet different partner organizations and a guest who participated in the systematization process (in order of appearance):

  • José Luis Espinoza, CEHPRODEC, Honduras;
  • Luz Estella Cifuentes, ACA, Colombia;
  • Elizabeth Rendíz, ECAM, Bolivia;
  • Carlos Alberto Sánchez, CRIC, Colombia;
  • Gladys Guamán, Centro Labor, Peru;
  • Carlos Díaz, Inka Atahualpa – CEDIS, Ecuador;
  • Susana Aldana, Decidamos, Paraguay;
  • Sara Sánches Sánchez, CIM (Conselho indigenista missionário), Brazil;
  • Alberto Acosta, économiste – University professor, Ex-Minister of Enery and Mining, Ecuador.

This video is available in Spanish or with French or English subtitles.

In collaboration with Aler and Cep Alforja.