Development and Peace raises $10.3 million for relief and reconstruction in the Philippines | Development and Peace

Development and Peace raises $10.3 million for relief and reconstruction in the Philippines

January 17, 2014

Development and Peace has raised over $10 million to provide humanitarian aid to communities in the Philippines that were impacted by super Typhoon Haiyan, which left an estimated 14 million people in need of some form of assistance due to the storm’s impact. 

This amount is eligible to be matched by the Canadian government and will be placed in itsTyphoon Haiyan Relief Fund.

Development and Peace is currently supporting relief efforts being put in place by local organizations, including Caritas Philippines-NASSA and Church World Service. Activities include the distribution of food, clothing, materials for rebuilding homes, and of household items, such as utensils and pots. Development and Peace is also supporting people in regaining their livelihoods by providing new boats to fishermen, distributing seeds, livestock and farming tools for agriculture and through cash-for-work programs to help clear debris.

“With the local groups that we are supporting, in addition to helping in the hardest-hit regions, we are also reaching some of the more isolated areas that were also affected by the storm,” said Michael Casey, Executive Director of Development and Peace. “Some of these areas, such as the islands of Palawan and Panay, were not hit as hard as Tacloban, but still have many needs and can’t be forgotten. Thanks to the generosity of Canadians, we’re able to organize this type of response and accompany communities in the years it will take to rebuild.”

Development and Peace has been working in the Philippines for many years supporting community development programs and will lean on this experience to put in place a reconstruction program that is sustainable and will make communities more resilient to future disasters. The organization is currently working with its partners in the country to prepare a comprehensive long-term plan that addresses both the reality of the poverty in the region and the impacts of the disaster.

Development and Peace is continuing to accept donations for this crisis. Donations can be made by telephone (1 888 664-3387), online at or by sending a cheque made out to Development and Peace and indicating Philippines Typhoon to:

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