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Graphic novel inspires youth to take action for DRC

October 17, 2011

Inspired by the graphic novel Roza or The Courage to Choose Life, which tells the story of the horrific impact of violence on women and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), youth members of Development and Peace are taking action to urge the Canadian Government to speak out against the atrocities occurring in the country.

The graphic novel, which was written by Congolese artist Séraphin Kajibwami and published by Development and Peace in collaboration with the Canadian International Development Agency, recounts the pillage of a village in South Kivu. This region is plagued by conflict due to struggles between armed groups to control local mining resources. The story focuses particularly on the ordeal of Roza, a local woman who is searching for peace and healing for her community.

Since the release of the graphic novel in the springtime, there have been resurgences in violence in South Kivu, and communities continue to be terrorized with the conscription of child soldiers, massacres and rapes.

Development and Peace is encouraging youth members and all those concerned by this situation to ask their Member of Parliament to read the graphic novel and to ask the following question in the House of Commons: What is Canada doing to try to protect civilians from violence by the armed groups in the DRC?

Development and Peace supports several local organizations in the DRC that are working to address the injustices that perpetuate violence in the country and help bring peace.

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