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Drought in the Horn of Africa puts 10 million at risk: Development and Peace prepared to help

July 14, 2011

The worst drought to impact the Horn of Africa in 60 years has put an estimated 10 million people at risk of severe food shortages and famine. Development and Peace is closely monitoring the situation and will support the people in the region as they face this rapidly escalating humanitarian crisis. As member of the Caritas confederation of Catholic aid organizations worldwide, Development and Peace is in close contact with local Caritas offices throughout the area to assess the needs of those most vulnerable.

Although scarcity of food has long been an issue in the region, the situation has become increasingly critical due to consecutive years of poor rainfall coupled with ever rising food costs, which have made food and water inaccessible for many in the region. The people of Somalia have been hardest hit by this drought, which is also affecting other countries in the region, including Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya. Thousands of Somalis are making an exhausting trek to Kenya in hope of reaching camps where they can receive humanitarian aid. However, the long journey is worsening the health of many already weakened by malnutrition, particularly children, who often arrive with critical medical needs.

The Caritas network is making preparations to support the most needed of these people and Development and Peace is accepting donations to go towards relief in the region. Development and Peace has been responding to humanitarian crises in the Horn of Africa for over 35 years. In the last ten years, it has contributed close to $2 million to food security projects in the region, including $450,000 in 2009-2010 for projects in Ethiopia and Somalia.

Donations can be made by telephone (1 888 234-8533), on our website www.devp.org or by sending a cheque made out to Development and Peace and indicating Horn of Africa Drought to:

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