The Mustard Seed Campaign | Development and Peace

The Mustard Seed Campaign

The Mustard Seed Campaign is a fundraising tool that:

  • Is easy, fun, and adaptable
  • Based on a parable
  • Supports two youth centers through a catholic organization
  • Engages students in international social justice, leadership and faith action

Why the Mustard Seed?

The Parable of the Mustard Seed tells us that the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than we can imagine and will unite all peoples. Such a kingdom grows through humble acts, just as a tree can grow from a small seed. This is both the method and purpose of the Mustard Seed Collection: through a small donation (a toonie) students together can grow a large contribution to support the work of the two partner youth centers, learning about solidarity and contributing to the growth of God’s kingdom here on Earth.

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Who Are the Partners?

The Kamenge Youth Centre, Burundi
Since 1992, Kamenge has been bringing together youth from different ethnicities to provide refuge from violence, build peace, teach tolerance and democracy, and assist them in reaching their aspirations. Through sport, recreation, cultural experiences, education and skills training, Kamenge currently works with 2000 youth every day. 

JACHA (Youth in Action for Change), Haiti
JACHA engages youth in programs and initiatives to improve community life and protect the environment. JACHA uses environmental preservation projects to engage youth in ecological education and leadership, teaching both practical and leadership skills along the way. JACHA is able to respond quickly to the urgent needs of communities affected by environmental disasters such as , such as the earthquake of January 12, 2010.


Ways to Fundraise

There are many ways you can do a Mustard Seed Collection! Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Tin & Toonie: Combine local and global by having students bring in a tin for the local food cupboard and a toonie to support the Kamenge and JACHA youth centers.
  • Sports Tournament: Kamenge Youth Centre uses sports to bring people together and emphasize cooperation and teamwork. Do a Mustard Seed Collection at a tournament in your school or school board along with a short presentation on the Kamenge Youth Centre and Development and Peace
  • Theme Days: Students can be encouraged to donate through designated theme days or casual (non-uniform) days.
  • Mustard Tree: Plant a tree appropriate to your region. Discuss the Mustard Seed Parable with the students, and name it the Mustard Tree – a definite conversation starter that will allow the ongoing reminder of our call to build the Kingdom of God here on Earth.

We would love to hear your own Mustard Seed Collection ideas:

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