2020 Share Lent campaign resources | Development and Peace

2020 Share Lent campaign resources

  • ShareLife Solidarity Calendar
    ShareLife Solidarity Calendar

    During this year’s Lent, navigate the Amazon River to learn, reflect, pray and act throughout Lent, in solidarity with the peoples of the Amazon and the Earth, our common home.

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  • ShareLife Mini-magazine
    ShareLife Mini-magazine

    Present our work through testimonials included in our Mini-magazine. Witness how the Harakbut, Mura or seringueiros in the Amazon are protecting our common home.

  • ShareLife Order Form
    ShareLife Order Form
  • Way of the Cross
    Way of the Cross

    The Way of the Cross invites us to reflect on the crisis in the Amazon in the light of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection, and to hear the cry of the forest and of the Indigenous and traditional communities protecting it.

  • Prayer Card
    Prayer Card 2019: For our common home

    It features the “prayer for our earth” from Pope Francis’s encyclical, Laudato Si’.

  • Reflection on integral ecology

    This reflection is an invitation to explore the spiritual dimensions of integral ecology and to embark on an ecological conversion towards a love that calls us to care for our common home.