Solidarity tours | Development and Peace

Solidarity tours

Members of Development and Peace have the opportunity of participating in solidarity tours to the Global South. A solidarity tour is an immersion experience that allows our members and supporters to discover a new reality and create links with our partners in the South.

These tours generally last 2-3 weeks and are organized yearly. They allow active members of Development and Peace to learn about the work of our partners on the ground, as well as issues of injustice specific to the country and region.

Participants enjoy great shared experiences and rewarding inter-cultural exchanges. That build relationships with people in the Global South, enhances knowledge of community development  and strengthens international solidarity.

Cambodia Solidarity Tour

In June 2016, eight Development and Peace members from Eastern Québec will be travelling to Cambodia with their regional animators for 20 days. They will be visiting the regions of Phnom Phen, Kampot, Siem Reap, Battambang and Ratanakiri.

Youth Solidarity Tour

For 10 years now, Development and Peace has organized solidarity tours for its youth members to give them the opportunity to meet the partners we work with on the ground, to better their understanding of the work of Development and Peace, and to reinforce their commitment to social justice. Participants experience new realities and encounter different cultures. These tours are bilingual and open to Development and Peace youth members from across Canada.


  • Be between 18 and 35 years old (18 at the start of the tour or 35 at the time of application).
  • Be an active youth member of Development and Peace for at least six months and demonstrate a steady commitment during that period.  
  • Be a Canadian citizen or Permanent resident.

This year, a youth delegation will take part in the World Social Forum (WSF) in Montreal. The 2016 WSF aims brings together tens of thousands of people from civil society groups, organizations and social movements who wish to build a sustainable world based on solidarity, where all can live justly and with their voices heard.

Development and Peace’s youth delegates will have a unique experience where they will be immersed in the issues that concern our partners and participate in discussions on to change the structures that create injustice.