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The Hossein family

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“The army opened fire on our village. Our children were terrified. Each day, they asked if we would be attacked, tortured, or burned by the army. I did my best to reassure them but it wasn’t until we arrived in Bangladesh that they began to feel less afraid. The process nevertheless took a few months. Getting involved in a variety of activities helped a great deal.”

Rehana Hossein and her family



In October 2017, the Hossein family fled Burma (also known as Myanmar). Following a perilous journey through the jungle that lasted three days, the family finally reached the world’s largest refugee camp, Kutupalong.


Forced into exile to survive

Since August 25, 2017, more than 687,000 children, women, and men belonging to the Muslim Rohingya minority have fled Burma, to escape violence and persecution against them.

Forced to flee atrocities committed by the Burmese army, they have found refuge in camps located in the region of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.


The work of Caritas Bangladesh

Together, Development and Peace and its partner Caritas Bangladesh are committed to protecting Rohingya refugees. They are providing emergency shelters, access to clean water, safe latrines and showers for women and girls, hygiene kits and safety trainings to 100,000 refugees in the district of Cox's Bazar.

“We have found that refugees trust us and that a growing number of women participate in our activities. This is our greatest achievement,” said Ferdinand Pereira, Protection Manager with Caritas Bangladesh.

919,000 refugees