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Development and Peace is involved in the Lake Chad Basin region alongside its partners, members of the Caritas network and local civil society organizations, implementing programs to support communities confronted by the effects of protracted conflicts and climate change.

In Diffa, Niger, northeastern Nigeria and in the region of the Lake Chad Basin, Development and Peace and its partners are implementing initiatives to respond to the most urgent needs of communities affected by the humanitarian crisis caused by armed conflict and the environmental crisis. We support crisis-affected refugee, displaced, and host communities by supporting efforts to prevent and treat malnutrition and by facilitating access to drinkable water and health infrastructure, decent shelter, non-food items, quality healthcare, and means of subsistence.

Lake Chad Basin Crisis

Development and Peace and its partners are implementing initiatives to respond to the most urgent needs of communities affected by the humanitarian crisis caused by armed conflict and the environmental crisis.

Most particularly, with the funding from the Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund (CHAF) of Global Affairs Canada, we have supported access to health infrastructures, decent shelter, non-food items and seeds for more than 9,800 refugees, displaced and host communities of 3 communes in the Diffa region.

In collaboration with its partners and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Development and Peace also responds to the most pressing food needs for 1,200 displaced and host families East of Diffa.

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The situation

Lake Chad Basin Crisis

The humanitarian crisis unfolding around the Lake Chad basin is complex.

The crisis is the result of armed conflict, fueled by the region's long-standing socio-economic marginalization, against the backdrop of an ecological crisis.

The conflict has claimed over 20,000 lives since 2009 and has greatly intensified in recent years while spreading to countries bordering Nigeria, i.e. Niger, Cameroon, and Chad.

The violence generated by Boko Haram and by military counter-offensives has resulted in massive and prolonged population displacements. The number of displaced persons has tripled in the last two years.

This crisis has also triggered a major disruption of agriculture due to the destruction and looting of crops and livestock by armed groups, to the authorities' prohibition of certain commercial activities, and to the closure of borders and markets for security reasons. Food insecurity and malnutrition rates have reached critical levels, and it is estimated that nearly 50,000 people are at risk of famine in northeastern Nigeria.

The ongoing violence and insecurity have also resulted in the destruction of vital infrastructure and the disruption of basic social services such as schools and health centres.

This humanitarian crisis has deep roots. In particular, the Lake Chad basin region has suffered from a development deficit for many years. States have invested little in these areas located far from major urban centres. It is also a region where there are already inter-community tensions concerning access to natural resources, where the population has grown very rapidly during past years, and where borders are poorly controlled. In addition, the region has been the hit by recurrent natural disasters amplified by climate change. An environmental crisis due in large part to desertification and the overexploitation of natural resources is adding to these pre-existing and recurring problems, resulting in food production deficits in recent years.

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