2020 Campaign Resources | Development and Peace

2020 Campaign Resources

Message for our members in the parish

If your Bishop has approved a special collection for Development and Peace in your diocese, you can find resources here to support you in organizing a collection in your parish. 

If your parish requires envelopes, please contact your local animator.
Find your local animator here: devp.org/contactus

  • Poster

    This poster will help you to promote the campaign and collection in your parish. On the front, there is a message of solidarity for our sisters and brothers in the Global South, and on the back a thank-you message to announce how much was raised in your parish or school. (8.5 x 11)

  • Collection box
    Collection box

    We are offering you images that you can print and use to create a special collection box where parishioners can place their donation. Alternatively, you can use the images to create a display in your parish or school.

  • Parish Bulletin Announcements
    Parish Bulletin Announcements

    Ask your parish to publish these messages in its bulletin to promote the campaign. You can also adapt the messages for newsletters in your community, your local newspaper, etc.

  • Short Talk
    Short Talk

    Present the Recovering Together campaign in your parish or school using this short talk. Adapt it to your audience and the amount of time you are given to present.

  • Email Banner
    Email Banner
  • Print banner
    Print banner
  • Post Image
    Facebook or Instagram Post Image
  • Facebook banner
    Facebook banner