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Walk and fundraise

This year, we are walking in solidarity with the 68.5 million children, women, and men who have been forced to flee their homes. Every step you take will send a strong message to the Canadian government that it must do more to end forced migration around the world.
Our objective: to walk 40,075 km, the equivalent of the Earth’s circumference, and raise funds to support Development and Peace’s community development programs, by August 31st 2019.

How does it work?

  1. Plan your walk.
  2. If you like, start your own individual or group fundraising page.
  3. Invite family and friends to walk with you, to make a donation, or to sign the Action Card online.
  4. After the walk, add your kilometres traveled to our virtual calculator. If Action Cards were signed at the walk, please tell us the number of signatures collected by filling out this form.

Discover all our resources for the walks

If you have any questions about the fundraising pages, contact us at: walk@devp.org 

Add your kilometers to our calculator

Add your kilometers to our calculator

Our calculator shows the distance travelled to date by individuals and groups in our walk around the world.

Objective: 40,075 km


109,614 kmtraveled

40,075 km

If you walked in a group, please add up everybody’s km, i.e. if 20 people walked 3 km, write 60.