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Share the Journey

2018 Education and Action Campaign

Share the Journey

Never have so many people fled war, persecution, natural disasters, extreme poverty, and development megaprojects.
It’s time to step up!

In solidarity with the 68.5 million children, women, and men who have been forced to flee their homes, help us share the journey.

Walk around the world

How far have we walked together?

Together, we want to walk 40,075 km, the equivalent of the Earth’s circumference. We need your help!

Look at our virtual calculator to see how far we have travelled together and don’t forget to add your own kilometres.

Add your kilometres to the calculator

Did you know…

31 people
are forced to flee their home every minute.

The majority of forced migrants

live in the poorest countries in the world under extremely difficult conditions.

2/3 of refugeeswill spend more than
5 YEARS in exile.

Share the Journey with:

Devp temoignages aysha 2018


from Syria to Lebanon

Devp temoignages Patiente 2018

Patience Ubani,

from Bue-Leh to Bori, Nigeria

Devp temoignages Hossein family 2018

The Hossein family,

from Burma to Bangladesh

Share the Journey


Below you will find an array of resources to further your reflection on the root causes of forced migration, to inspire you to take action and to support you in organizing a walk in your community.
Consult them, and make sure to share them!

Download our promotional resources

Download our resources for youth

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