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Women at the Heart of Peace

2017 Education and Action Campaign

Women at the Heart of Peace

As part of the Development and Peace Jubilee campaign celebrating our 50 years, we have chosen to look to the future. After highlighting the role of women at the heart of change in our Share Lent campaign, we are building on this momentum to focus on women’s role in building peace.

This fall, Development and Peace will herald the positive peace built by women. This campaign invites Canadians to learn more about the vital role women play in conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

Supporting women is supporting peace!

Did you know…


Women help reduce violence and prevent conflict

A 5% increase in the percentage of women in parliament makes a state 5 times less likely to use violence when faced with an international crisis.


Women build peace

Peace agreements have a 35% greater chance of lasting at least 15 years when women help draft them.


Women help sustain peace

When 35% of parliamentarians are women, the risk of relapse into conflict is near zero.

Together, let’s take action
for peace!

LET’S COMMIT to standing alongside women and organizations that strive to build a more just and peaceful world.

Because women play a vital role in conflict prevention and in building just, sustainable and inclusive peace.

Your action counts!
We suggest different ways of acting, so you can do it your own way. Support our campaign by filling out our online Action Card, or by spreading it on social networks.

This fall, let’s pay tribute to

Women Peacebuilders

All around the world, courageous women gather to fight, resist and work for a more peaceful world. This fall, Development and Peace introduces you to five of them.

On October 20, 2017, Development and Peace will celebrate its 50th anniversary!

Go to devp.org/50years to learn about our history, watch our videos and find out about upcoming celebrations. Stay connected! Exciting news and events will be announced throughout the fall.

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