Take action against climate change and support communities in the Global South

The time to act is now!

In 2015 during the Development and Peace “Create a Climate of Change” campaign, thousands of Canadians committed to reducing their carbon footprint and asked the Government of Canada to take action against climate change and support communities in the Global South who are most affected by it.

There are many ways to respond to climate change, and we believe that agriculture must be at the heart of the solutions.

Small family farmers feed the world with less than one-quarter of all farmland.

We need to support an agricultural model that enables these stewards of the earth, here at home and around the world, to live in dignity and feed our communities in a way that respects our common home.


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Ask the Prime Minister to put small family farming at the heart of its investments in climate change.

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada

Mr. Prime Minister:

At COP21, Canada committed to investing $2.65 billion by 2020 to support people in the Global South who are severely affected by climate change.

Agriculture must be at the heart of climate change solutions.

How will Canada ensure that its international investments on climate change in the Global South:

  • Develop agricultural and environmental policies that recognize the essential role of small family farming in the struggle against climate change and hunger;
  • Support access to land for small family farmers, agroecology, and the development of local farmers’ markets;
  • Include the voices of small family farmers, through the movements that represent them, in all consultations and decisions that affect them.

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