Education and action campaign 2016 | Development and Peace

Education and action campaign 2016

2016 Education and action campaign

At the heart of the action for ECOLOGICAL JUSTICE

Development and Peace has been calling for ecological justice for the most vulnerable people of the world since 2011. Their struggles to live in dignity and to defend their land and the environment are at the heart of our campaigns.

Climate change is dramatically altering the planet as we know it. The poorest people contribute the least to climate change, yet are hit hardest by its impacts.

There are many ways to respond to climate change, and we believe that agriculture must be at the heart of the solutions.


Ask the Prime Minister to take action against climate change

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Testimonial videos

Learn about how our partners COSOR and Decidamos are helping small family farmers like Tomás use agroecology and defend their lands against agribusinesses

Helene Tremblay-Boyko, a Canadian farmer and member of Development and Peace, shows how she is switching to agroecology

See how our partner Payo Payo is helping farmers in Indonesia find a new love for the land with volunteers like Eka



For decades, Development and Peace has been in solidarity with worldwide social movements in addressing injustice and creating change.


People power can change the world and when you are a member of Development and Peace you are a part of that change!

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Through 50 years of solidarity and action, Development and Peace’s members, partners and employees have shaped the history of the organization. To learn more about this rich history, visit the 50 Years of Solidarity page.

Development and Peace is a social movement that works on a global scale to denounce injustice and supports communities in the Global South in leading their own change.

Over the decades, Development and Peace’s members have:

1988 - 1989

Advocated alongside Nelson Mandela for an end to apartheid in South Africa;

1995 - 1997

Campaigned for dignified working conditions in garment industry sweatshops owned by companies such as Nike and Levi’s;

1998 ‑ 1999

Demanded cancellation of the foreign debt of the 50 poorest countries;

2006 ‑ 2009

Called for responsible mining and the creation of an ombudsperson.

To learn more about this rich history, visit the 50 Years of Solidarity page.