2014 Education campaign resources | Development and Peace

2014 Education campaign resources

  • Sow Much Love Student Activity Guide

    This guide for teachers, youth leaders, and catechists presents a variety of interactive educational activities for elementary, intermediate, and secondary school students. Using the SEE, JUDGE, ACT model, the activities allow students to come to understand the issue, determine a moral perspective, and take action to bring about a more just world.

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  • Food Quiz (Jeopardy Game)

    This Jeopardy-style game is ready to play! Click on the questions in the downloadable slideshow to learn about global hunger, food facts, and Development and Peace ’s response to hunger.

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  • Food Map: It all starts with a seed

    Drag seeds to match the foods they produce! Test your knowledge of seeds and learn where some of our most popular food items come from along with fun facts! Play this educational game online right here: www.devp.org/foodmap

  • The Seed Game

    This role-playing game for secondary and university students, introduces the current global struggle for control of seeds. This activity requires 60-90 minutes and contains all the background information to allow teachers, leaders and trainers to lead the activity and help participants to understand the issue.

  • A Divided World

    How is the world's food divided among its population? Facts and figures about the distribution of food and resources in different continents are demonstrated by dividing symbolic amounts among group members. Questions about equity, fairness and the right to food are discussed.

  • Banana Split Game

    How are the profits from the sale of a banana divided between the different players in the supply chain?

  • Food or Fuel

    Introduction to the struggles faced by small family farmers in the Global South, including access to land and cash crops for agro-fuels. An engaging and active simulation game that demonstrates how using crops for fuel affects the livelihood of those living in the Global South and challenges their food sovereignty.

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  • Activities Database

    We have compiled many more activities suitable for intermediate and secondary students on a variety of social justice issues, including food and hunger. Visit our activities database.