2014 Education campaign resources | Development and Peace

2014 Education campaign resources

  • Campaign Guide

    A copy of this guide for organizers is included in the Campaign Ordering Kit, and a copy will also be included with each order.

  • Poster

    Give your campaign some visibility with this beautiful poster.

  • Action Sheet

    This is the main campaign tool to spread the message. It educates people about the issues, and asks for a commitment to support small family farmers in a number of different ways.

  • Sticker

    Wear this sticker proudly to show that you support small family farmers and their right to seeds. A great way to bring more visibility to the campaign, you can stick this on your car, your bicycle, your fridge, or your laptop to show your support for the campaign.

  • Backgrounder

    This tool is intended for organizers or anyone wanting to learn more about the campaign issues.

  • Sow Much Love Student Activity Guide

    This guide for teachers, youth leaders, and catechists presents a variety of interactive educational activities for elementary, intermediate, and secondary school students. Using the SEE, JUDGE, ACT model, the activities allow students to come to understand the issue, determine a moral perspective, and take action to bring about a more just world.

    Curriculum connections:
  • Theological Reflection

    This thought-provoking resource can be used by individuals or groups to reflect how our faith urges us to respect both creation and the work of human hands in our response to global hunger.

  • Prayer Card

    A prayer for use in your parish, during your activities or on your own. Written by Development and Peace members Alana Forrester and Barbara Bishop who are the grand prize winners of our Prayer Card contest.

  • Magazine One Human Family, Food for All

    This magazine, which was distributed as part of the One Human Family, Food for All campaign, features people who are responding to the scandal of hunger every day through projects supported by Development and Peace.

  • Backgrounder on Ecological Justice

    This informative document defines the term “ecological justice” and presents two alternatives to globalization.

  • Theological Reflection on Ecological Justice

    Reflecting on the link between the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor, this reflection explains how ecological justice is an essential dimension of the mission of Development and Peace, and outlines the principles that guide this mission.