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Sow much love: The Global Week of Action against Hunger

October 14, 2014

This week, take action against hunger by participating in the Global Week of Action on Hunger. Now is the time to raise your voice with other concerned Canadians from across the country and Caritas organizations around the world who are taking action to respond to the global scandal of hunger.

Here in Canada, the Sow Much Love campaign calls for support for small family farmers and their right to seeds. Without family farmers and peasants doing the labour-intensive work of preserving our seeds, the biodiversity of our food supply, and the future of our food is at stake.

Join hundreds of members of Development and Peace who are taking action this week to highlight the role of small family farmers in ending hunger. Events being organized include meeting local farmers to learn more about how their food is grown, seed fairs to support local food biodiversity, and Sign the Petition Day on World Food Day to advocate for small family farmers and their access to seeds.

There are lots of things YOU can do to show your concern about world hunger and the importance of small scale farmers in responding to this global emergency:

Sign the petition to the federal government to ensure that the right of family farmers around the world to use seeds is respected! You can sign the petition on-line, or download and print it and invite others to sign it and then submit it to your Member of Parliament.
Buy local and organic fruit and vegetables at the farmer’s market or at the grocery store. For imported products like bananas, coffee, sugar, and chocolate, buy fair trade and organic products. If each of us supports our local organic farmers, we stand in solidarity with women and men farmers who produce local food for local people and who are the guardians of the biodiversity of our food supply.
Ask your grocer to increase the amount of local, organic, and fair trade food available for sale. If these options are available, more people in your community will be able to support family farmers simply by choosing wisely at the grocery store.
Make a family dinner with as many local and organic ingredients as possible, and submit a photo of it the Show Your Thanks contest by October 21st at midnight! By entering the contest, you are not only supporting small family farmers, but you also earn the chance to win our grand prize of a trip to Halifax to meet world-renowned environmental activist and seed defender Vandana Shiva at Food Secure Canada’s National Assembly from November 13-16, 2014.

This week, make a difference in the lives of small family farmers and peasants around the world! Together, we can build a more just and sustainable food system for our human family.