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2014 Education and Action Campaign

Seeds are the heritage of family farmers and peasants, who preserve them to feed their families, their communities, and the world. However, seeds are increasingly being controlled and privatized by multinational companies. Without access to seeds, the way of life of small family farmers and peasants, most of whom live in the Global South, is threatened. By supporting small family farmers in their struggle to maintain the world’s seed biodiversity, we will ensure that they can continue to feed their families, and play a major role in fighting global hunger.

Latest News

June 8, 2015
Throughout the last year, Development and Peace’s Sow Much Love campaign was led in parishes, schools, neighbourhoods, and farmers’ markets across the country, to bring attention to the vital role that small family farmers play as stewards of the world’s seeds, and in fighting hunger in the Global South.Almost 30,000 people showed their support for small family farmers, by signing the Development and Peace petition asking the federal government to respect the right of small family farmers’ to...
April 16, 2015
The International Day of Peasant Struggles was established in 1996 by the international peasant movement La Via Campesina to commemorate the April 17th massacre of 19 landless Brazilian peasants. It is a day that provides an opportunity to celebrate the solidarity and resistance of peasant movementsworldwide ,and to strengthen alliances between people in rural and urban settings so as to create a society founded on dignity and social justice for all.On this day of action, Development and Peace...
November 28, 2014
In mid-November, Development and Peace co-sponsored feminist seed advocate and scientist Dr. Vandana Shiva's attendance at Food Secure Canada's national assembly in Halifax. This assembly brought together food growers, food activists, food academics, and food policymakers in order to discuss the best ways to ensure that people across Canada and around the world will be able to feed themselves.We had the chance to interview the world-renowned environmental activist and seed defender. Dr....