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A Voice for Justice in the Philippines

The island of Marinduque in the Philippines is a small paradise. The island rises in a mountainous peak that is covered in lush tropical forests and its calm villages imbue the island with a peaceful tranquility. On closer inspection, however, the island has strange colours that flow through its rivers, some which are half dried up. That’s because there is a toxic legacy on the island, one left behind by a Canadian mining company. Even if the mine was abandoned in 1996, the community is still living the impacts of the mine. And still trying to find justice.

“With mining, poverty increases. We are very concerned about this because it has to do with our faith, especially the care for creation. It destroys our beautiful ecological system, and this destruction is permanent. Mining is not helping our people, and it is destroying our environment… The destruction done in one part of the Earth will affect the whole Earth, so I think everyone should be concerned. We want to send a message to our brothers and sisters in Canada that they should also be concerned about what Canadian mining is doing to our country.”
Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo
Manila, Philippines
Mine unearths conflict in the Philippines

Timuay Boy Anoy, a tribal leader of the indigenous Subanens of the Philippines, knows all too well the conflicts that come with a mine.

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The Philippines: Is consent too much to ask?

Over thirty people have crammed into a small wooden hut surrounded by mountains and rice paddies in the village of Bayog. Inside, a lively debate is raging.

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Delegation to visit Typhoon Haiyan-affected communities in the Philippines

A delegation representing several Catholic groups in Canada is travelling to the Philippines, by invitation of Development and Peace, to visit communities affected by super Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013.

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The Philippines: People’s mining conference sheds light on mining abuses

From July 30th to August 1st, the International People’s Conference on Mining (www.peoplesminingconf.net) took place in Quezon City, the Philippines.

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The Philippines: Community resistance to mining

As part of the International People’s Conference on Mining, I had the chance to participate in a solidarity visit to the city of Mankayan in the Province of Benguet in the Philippines.

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