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How your money is spent

Our commitment to our donors

Development and Peace is committed to responsible spending practices and has in place internal policies, accounting standards and rules of governance to ensure that we handle all donations in compliance with the norms and laws governing charitable organizations. We value the trust that our donors and supporters have placed in the work of Development and Peace since 1967, and want to ensure that each donation is well spent. Our Gift Acceptance Policy is available in our Policies section.

As part of this commitment, we want to make our financial statements and other pertinent information about our expenses easily accessible to our donors and supporters.  The following section provides information on how your money is spent.

Please read our Financial Statements and 2017-2018 Annual Report for further information.

If you still have questions, you can contact us at any time at or by telephone at 1 888 234-8533.

2013-2014 Expenditures

Governance and administration

Administrative expenses are required to cover costs related to running the organization, such as those associated with governance, general management, administrative services, office space and other various expenditures needed to support the overall functioning of the organization.

It should be noted that Development and Peace applies an administrative fee of 15% for donations made for emergencies in order to cover associated financial and administrative costs along with the cost of developing and managing emergency relief programming more generally.  This 15% fee is divided as follows:

  • 5% is needed to cover the extra work generated by the emergency, such as accounting procedures, registration of donations, answering phones, fundraising, sending receipts, etc.
  • 10% is allocated directly to the costs of managing emergency relief programs and staff, to offset operational costs, for travel, communications, etc.