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Planned Giving

Extreme poverty and injustice does not have to be hereditary

Do you know that you can make a significant bequest or donation without disinheriting your heirs?
There are many often quite personal reasons for contributing a large amount. At the same time, concerns about the impact of such a gift on one’s heirs may cause one to hesitate.

You can make a difference by planning for the future. You don't have to be wealthy to consider leaving a substantial donation to an organization you believe in. You can make a big difference by being part of our Legacy of Hope.

Development and Peace planned giving options :

Plan for the future by:

  • Link your donation and involvement to a concrete and significant action that offers a better future to the world’s most needy;
  • Use the financial tools available to shelter your bequest from high inheritance taxes while contributing to a cause that means so much to you;
  • Support Development and Peace partners that are working tirelessly to bring about social justice;
  • Believe deeply that there is no peace WITHOUT sustainable development.

A recognized financial or estate planner can help ease your concerns and demonstrate how your heir can benefit from the tax advantages of your legacy.

Development and Peace Planned Giving options

Bequest by Will
A carefully crafted will can put your mind at peace and your heirs will benefit from significant tax advantages. Having seen to the well-being of those nearest and dearest to you, you can make Development and Peace a beneficiary of your will. This is a simple way of sharing part, all or the residual balance of your legacy.

Life Insurance for the future
Capitalizing on the short-term tax advantage of life insurance can be an effective way to translate your commitment into a significant donation to Development and Peace over the longer term. There are three ways of doing this:

  • You can set up a new policy;
  • You can transfer ownership of a policy you already have;
  • You can keep ownership of your policy and make Development and Peace the partial or full beneficiary upon your death.

Download our Legacy Gift Form

Gift of Securities (stock, equities, deeds, etc.) can be very advantageous for you
If you want to make a sizable contribution with immediate benefits, gift of securities may be for you. In fact, once these are transferred to Development and Peace, which sells them on the open market, you will benefit from a 100% capital gains exemption from both the Federal and Provincial governments.

Download our Gift of Stocks Form

Endowment Funds for long-term stability
Endowment funds are an excellent way to support Development and Peace’s work over the long term. Monies contributed as an endowment are invested and the interest generated is made available to the organization to assist our development partners in the Global South. The resulting predictable and stable returns allow Development and Peace to more effectively plan its future activities.


Review our comparative planned giving chart to assess the advantages of each type of gift

To learn more about planned giving to Development and Peace, contact us at our toll free number 1 888 234-8533.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for more information on planned giving.