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Laudato Si': A Call for Transformative Education For Our Common Home

Development and Peace is engaging a new generation of young people in Catholic Social Teachings by delving deeply into the causes of poverty and injustice and mobilizing students towards actions for change. We are proud to share with you these extensive resources on Laudato Si and our campaign For Our Common Home!


Module 1: Introduction to Care For Our Common Home



Adaptable for grades 8-12, these lessons are designed to move students into deeper analysis and understanding of the ecological crisis in the Amazon biome (linking the cry of the earth with the cry of the poor), and to equip them with the critical and creative thinking process needed for engaging confidently and courageously as responsible citizens with a Catholic lens. Module One, with its focus on worldview, the application of Catholic Social Teaching, and Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’, provides the cornerstones for the structured learning in Module Two. 

M1.1 Understanding Worldview and Humanity’s relationship
to the rest of Creation
 Download Lesson Plan Open PPT
M1.2 Introduction to Laudato Si'    Download Lesson Plan Open PPT
M1.3 For Our Common Home An Indigenous Lens  Download Lesson Plan Open PPT
M1.4  The Lens of Catholic Social Teaching (CST) & Human Dignity  Download Lesson Plan Download PPT
M1.5 Catholic Social Teaching & Solidarity  Download Lesson Plan Open PPT
M1.6 Catholic Social Teaching & Preferential Option for the Poor  Download Lesson Plan Download PPT
M1.7 Catholic Social Teaching & Care for Creation  Download Lesson Plan Open PPT
M1.8 Catholic Social Teaching & Rights and Responsibilities  Download Lesson Plan Open PPT
M1.9 Applied Catholic Social Teaching & Essential Citizenship  Download Lesson Plan (no PPT)
M1.10 Creating the Classroom Kinship Covenant  Download Lesson Plan Download PPT


Module Two: A Response For Our Common Home



Module Two brings to life the Development and Peace Share Lent campaign - For our Common Home: A Future of the Amazon is a Future for All. This Module is conceived as applied citizenship through a Catholic Lens, with the intent of building and strengthening Essential Citizenship Competencies (Concentus Citizenship Foundation) within the campaign focus.

M2.0 Sacred Spaces (an optional introductory)  Download Lesson Plan (no PPT)
M2.1 Integral Ecology  Download Lesson Plan Download PPT
M2.2 Participation  Download Lesson Plan Download PPT
M2.3 Actions and Agents of Solidarity  Download Lesson Plan Download PPT
M2.4 UNDRIP  Download Lesson Plan Download PPT
M2.5 Advocacy  Download Lesson Plan Download PPT
M2.6 Towards Ecological Conversion  Download Lesson Plan Open PPT