COVID-19: Field updates from our partners | Development and Peace

COVID-19: Field updates from our partners

The COVID-19 contagion is having unprecedented impacts on our human family.

In many parts of the Global South, the pandemic is stretching already meagre resources and exacerbating the problems caused by poverty, hunger, climate change and political instability. Yet, societies are also responding with remarkable solidarity, resourcefulness and resilience.

This newsfeed provides updates on how Development and Peace’s partners are helping vulnerable communities around the world cope with the coronavirus crisis.


Empowerment through information in Ecuador

Development and Peace’s Ecuadorean partners, the Latin American Association of Popular Education and Communication (ALER) and the Latin American Information Agency (ALAI), promote peace, good governance and active citizenship by disseminating socially relevant information. 

As a coalition of community radio stations, ALER is responding to the COVID-19 crisis by broadcasting special programming to hispanophone audiences in South America. Their broadcasts provide accurate information, dispel myths, relay important public health messages, promote community solidarity and offer advice on coping with the coronavirus pandemic. 

As an organization dedicated to the democratization of information, ALAI is creating and distributing content that helps people contextualize the pandemic and its intersection with issues of social, economic and gender justice.