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COVID-19 Solidarity EN


We are all in this crisis together

The current pandemic reminds us that we are all one human family.
We must recover together by building a global response that is just and founded on solidarity, human dignity and in the words of Pope Francis, “the creativity of love.”



The most vulnerable of our world will, such as women, refugees and Indigenous peoples, will suffer the worst impacts of this pandemic.

Learn about our campaign Recovering Together so you can take action for a just recovery.

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The pandemic is intensifying the daily struggles of communities in the Global South by increasing poverty, hunger, climate change and political instability.

Development and Peace is commmitted to providing essential support to the poorest of our world thanks to our network of 150 local partner organizations.

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Now more than ever, Development and Peace must continue its work supporting communities in taking action to build peace, justice and resilience.

Here are examples of how we are building a just world:


Building food sovereignty

By helping small family farmers build resilience in some of the poorest regions of the world, we are helping them face the impacts of climate change and the pandemic.

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Supporting justice for women

Women are on the frontlines have the pandemic. By ensuring they have access to resources and opportunities, we are supporting in becoming strong actors for change in their communities.

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Promoting citizen participation and human rights

Our partners defend human rights and encourage increased citizen participation in democratic processes and peacebuilding initiatives.

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Protection of refugees, displaced persons and those living in conflict zones

Development and Peace works with its local partners to provide access to essential services to these vulnerable communities.

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Development and Peace’s approach of partnering with respected local organizations over the long-term ensures a response that supports communities in overcoming the most devastating impacts of COVID-19. With your help we can support communities in strengthening their resilience and building justice in the face of this crisis.

Let’s ensure we are all recovering together!