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Providing frontline healthcare in Lebanon

In Lebanon, where a financial crisis has constrained healthcare capacity and where multigenerational family structures and a large refugee population make physical distancing difficult, COVID-19 poses a grave threat. The pandemic has already affected 248 people and claimed four lives. 
Development and Peace’s partner, Caritas Lebanon, is actively monitoring the situation and collaborating with the World Health Organization and the health ministry. Three of its staff members have received COVID-19 safety training and are imparting these skills to others. 
Caritas Lebanon’s health centres have implemented protocols for identifying and isolating people presenting with COVID-19 symptoms; using personal protective equipment; and disinfecting spaces. Staff are trained in respiratory hygiene, handwashing and social distancing and have access to an internal helpline. Following strict safety measures, an emergency response unit is distributing food kits to communities affected by COVID-19.