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Thank you for supporting this fantastic cause with our partners at Development and Peace! We would encourage everyone to get involved, either by walking themselves or supporting a participant. This event will help us to better understand and appreciate, in a meaningful way, what other members of our global community are experiencing. This reflection and prayer from Development and Peace provides a way to focus ourselves to the cause:

We will be holding our event on Sunday June 2nd, 2019. We will be walking from the parish parking lot to the Dominic Agostino Riverdale Community Centre. The distance we will be walking is approximately 7 kilometres.

Here is a more detailed outline of the plan for the day:


12:30pm Meet at the Church
Begin walking to Agostino Community Centre in Riverdale
Along the way, lead participants in a simulation activity where they imagine that they are families
of refugees fleeing their homes. They have to make various decisions along the way to discover
what the experience of being a refugee is like.

1:30pm Arrive at Community Centre
Refreshment break
Meet with residents of the area who were previously refugees and hear about their experiences

2:15pm Depart for the Church
Along the way, stop a few times to hear testimonies from migrants provided by D&P, also
have prayer and music

3:15pm Arrive back at the Church
Refreshments break
Wrap-up/chance to share about walk experience

4:00pm Attend Mass

If you have any further questions regarding the event please email through this page or use the contact information below.

Contact: Wes Moga (St. FX Youth Minister/D&P Co-Chair)
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