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St. Joseph’s Parish, Bowmanville

Goal $ 1,000.00
$ 1,000.00 raised
Leah Power
$ 25.00
Sian Corey
$ 25.00
Anne Corey
$ 50.00
$ 25.00
Jeri Frisina
$ 20.00
Frank Frisina
$ 25.00
Rosemary Jansons
$ 20.00
Jo And Torsti
$ 25.00
The Bédard Family
$ 65.00
Judy Moores
$ 10.00
Jeri Frisina
$ 25.00
Nick Arts
$ 110.00
$ 100.00
Mark And Marg
$ 200.00
Mary Jo Mahon
$ 75.00
Welcome to St. Joseph’s Parish “Share the Journey” Development and Peace Walk homepage.

Please join your fellow parishioners on Good Friday at 10 am at the church to walk 4 km through the streets of Bowmanville in solidarity and support of more that 68 million forcibly displaced children, women and men around the world.

The walk will be followed by Stations of the Cross in the Church at 11 AM, and a soup lunch in the Parish Hall immediately following the Stations of the Cross service.

Individuals interested in walking are invited to pick up pledge sheets at the back of the church, the church office, or from a member of our Development and Peace team. You are also invited to set up your own personal Share the Journey Walk Fundraising page by clicking on the “Join this Team” link below, and following the instructions provided.

Thank you.
St. Joseph’s Parish, Bowmanville Raised
Donna Modeste $ 100.00
Jarmila Frisina $ 170.00
Laura Frisina $ 20.00
Paul Corey $ 125.00