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Sacred Heart Youth Group Delta, BC

Goal $ 1,000.00
$ 400.00 raised
$ 65.00
Helina Grund
$ 25.00
$ 20.00
Hope your fundraiser is a success.
Good Luck.
$ 50.00
Jason Wilkinson
$ 20.00
Lara Gribben
$ 25.00
Good luck with your fundraiser! So many fond memories of SHYG!
$ 20.00
The Jones Family
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$ 50.00
Jarnael Payer, SHYG Alumni
$ 50.00
Martin - For Halinka And Josh
$ 25.00
One way to care for ourselves and our communities during the covid19 pandemic is to remember to still care for the most vulnerable in our human family.

See updates from our partners here:

Development and Peace wants to be ready to help when it happens.

Every Lent we raise funds through our Share Lent campaign to support integral human development projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. These projects help make communities more resiliant in facing times like these.
Covid brought many limitations on us, but also some freedoms: Our young people will Fast at home at various times and also involving other family memebers.

We will gather at different times online during the fast for prayer, song, social justice activities and games,

Thank-you for making a donation and please learn more by visiting the National Thinkfast Webpage!
Sacred Heart Youth Group Delta, BC Raised
Gemma and Dominic Dumas
Halina Grund $ 45.00
Joshua Grund $ 65.00
Martin Grund
Teagan Read