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Hope Inspired Project is a project planned by Initiative for Educational Remediation Innovation and Child support (ERICS).

No one saw it coming. Yet when it came, it was like wild fire, as far as its effects are concerned. Crude oil is Nigeria's main stay. It has been the key factor enabling Nigeria's revenue. Lack of political will has caused the Nigerian government to show indifference for the concern of the average Nigerian, hence the failure to diversify the economy. While unemployment increases astronomically, yielding Nigeria's title of World Poverty capital, Government financial corruption and sleaze keep increasing, even at a time of pandemic crisis.

If decline in the oil sector could increase the unemployment rate in Nigeria from 23.1% in 2019 to 33.5% in 2020 (Nigeria Employers’ consultative Association November, 2019), what then could be said about the global pandemic of 2020? The demand for crude oil recorded its lowest in history as flights were halted and travels were banned. (NBC April 2020).

Right now,projections point that youth unemployment rate in Nigeria is hovering around 75%. Companies have shut down. Individuals have been retrenched en mass and palliatives have been squandered by those in authority. It is an emergency.

Hope Inspired Project is raising funds to train 100 youths in Oyigbo community in Nigeria. The goal is to reduce the rate of unemployment and improve the livelihood of Nigerians. The Project will train youths in 4 vocational skills and connect them with funding agencies so they can add value to the society while improving their incomes.
The key stakeholders of the project will include the community heads who have been well engaged. Hope Inspired Project aims to create at least 70 startups in 6 months.
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