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Emily Pittman

Goal CA$100.00
CA$175.00 raised
Andrés Segura
$ 25.00
Happy Easter, Emily !
Rosanne Athaide
$ 50.00
Thanks for all your great work, Emily!
The Oakvillains
$ 100.00
THINKfast for the win!
I am the Catholic Schools Program Officer at Development and Peace-Caritas Canada - and LOVE the THINKfast program! Can't wait to do this with you - covid19 is an opportunity to be together and be well in new ways <3


One way to care for ourselves and our communities during the covid19 pandemic is to remember to still care for the most vulnerable in our human family.

This year, I am raising funds for Development and Peace by participating in the first ever National THINKfast. People across Canada will be going without food from Holy Thursday, April 9th at 8pm until Good Friday, April 10th at 3pm.

We will gather at different times online during the fast for prayer, song, social justice activities and games!

I'm campaigning as part of a team: The 2020 National THINKfast