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Mission With Youth - St. Patrick

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Participating in the THINKfast allows us to learn more about poverty and injustice around the world. More than that, however, it empowers us to be able to make a difference and address poverty and injustice around the world through small things we can do here. It also helps us to be grateful for our blessings. This event allows us to look at places far away, but it also makes us more aware of the poverty and injustice in our own country.

Our Parish Mission Statement
We are St. Patrick Parish, a Roman Catholic Church in the heart of the city of Hamilton, Ontario. Our community is a mosaic of cultures and spiritualities. We are called to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ by actively embracing our baptismal commitment. We gather around the table of the Word and the Eucharist to be nourished and strengthened as a family of faith, and then we are sent forth to put our prayer into action. We strive to love out of a missionary spirit that focuses on the poor and marginalized in our midst. We share our faith through hospitality and fellowship, actively embracing the call to compassion by loving others as Christ loves us.
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