Amani Bovenzi | Development and Peace

Amani Bovenzi

Goal CA$400.00
CA$300.00 raised
$ 100.00
Aunt Annie
$ 50.00
Uncle Mike And Aunt T
$ 100.00
Proud of you, Amani!
Bovenzi Fam
$ 50.00
Hello, my name is Amani, I am 15. On Saturday, Feb. 29th my peers from my church and I will be participating in a 24 hour fast in order to fundraiser money to send to an organization called Development and Peace. Development and Peace does a number of good things with the money we fundraise: helping pay for kids in third world countries to go to school, helping build new communities, and this year the money will be going to help repair the Amazon.
I'm campaigning as part of a team: Holy Child Summerland